Watch Out For This Fast Rising Female Rapper!

Baby T, born Monica Mungai is a 23 year old Kenyan female rapper who represents the diaspora. Yeah, 125!!

Rongai has produced too many talents, BTW. From Nameless (he used to live there so we’re gonna include him here),  Xtatic, Chiwawa, Bien (of Sauti Sol), list continues. Anyway I digress.

I remember the first time I ever saw her on stage was at Hip Hop Hook Up in 2013, I think. Before she got on stage, a couple acts had already  performed and nobody was really feeling it but when she did, she literally woke the crowd up. She had people singing her lyrics and cheering her on. Suffice to say I was more than impressed. I was just getting to learn what the Kenyan Hip Hop scene was like and which cats were killing the game. I had an idea of a couple of them cuz I’d watched the Coola Gang People’s Choice Cypher but I had no idea that Baby T was representing in a major way. Watching her do her thing on stage, it’s hard to believe that she’s very shy and reserved. It’s like Monica and Baby T are two different people. Monica doesn’t like to attract attention to herself and she barely speaks but Baby T will take your man from you if you don’t watch yourself. That’s the attitude she portrays in her music.

When I heard her on Octopizzo’s Bila Mic remix that had other industry cats such as Jay A, Rabbit, now King Kaka, Frasha, Collo AKA Collins Majale and J’mani (what happened to this guy BTW?) I knew that Baby T had something to offer. Not only was she was the only female,  she was also the one who was least known at the time. Talk about being put on! She was an independent artist at this time.

She already has a couple solo records under her belt, there’s Kuivisha, a track she talks about getting better at her art and writing (kuivisha mistari) because she had been quiet for a while and fans had been asking what hole she’d crawled into. Like many others I know you probably thought that, from the title, she must be talking about some illegal activities. Nope, you’re wrong.

There are also a couple collaborative efforts, under her current label ATL Entertainment, but I have to say that knowing her, the record that shocked me the most was “Dandiwa“, her response to Kristoff’s club hit, “Dandia”. She says Pacho gave her the idea for the track and she decided to run with it,  something that cost her a friend, who was told by her boyfriend  to stay away from her because she’s bad influence. Lol, OK.

This rapper’s journey started way back in high school and although many people don’t know this, she actually wanted to be a singer. Slight problem though, she couldn’t sing but could rap other people’s records very well. Her friends encouraged her to take up rapping seriously so after school, before she went to university, she decided to give it a go. Baby T saw a newspaper ad where a couple guys were asking for a female rapper. She gave them a call, they called her to the studio and the rest as they say, is history! They managed to write and record something; sounds that will probably never see the light of day but from that point on, her fate was sealed. They decided to form a crew (she couldn’t remember the name) and like many other crews, its life span was really short. Getting schedules that worked started becoming a problem. One of the guys in the group had a 9-5 so he wanted them to record during the weekends which was hard for Baby T. She used to “sneak” out to go and record but during the weekend her folks were home so there was absolutely no way she was going to let her parents know her pass time activity was rapping. You know how old folks are sometimes. That was in 2011.

Have a look at throw back Baby T from about three years ago.

She’d like to be Missy Elliott, saying that she’d like to be more than just a rapper. She’s also doing production and is in school for Journalism and Communication. She hopes to focus on video production.

Her favorite artists currently are J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Rapsody.

Baby T’s latest jam Cheza Mbali features Sharama who she says has definitely been the most challenging artist she’s ever had to work with because of his lyrics and the fact that he has been in the game for a long time. Fears and anxiety aside, I think she did a good job. Check it out below:

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