Wanuri Kahiu: I Will Keep Putting Out The Same Work, It will Soon Be Accepted 

Filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu was recently on the spotlight and tussling with Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) after releasing a controversial film based on a lesbian love story.

A section of Kenyans, including moral cop and CEO of KFCB Ezekiel Mutua, were against the film, “Rafiki”. Abroad, however, many loved it and begged for more.

Kahiu says she wasn’t discouraged by the reaction she got in Africa, it actually encouraged her. She has now promised that more similar films will follow.

“I will keep putting out the same work especially because we know that this film is being accepted into many other African territories, so it will turn its face,” she said in an interview with Business Daily. 

Her next movie has a similar storyline as Rafiki — love going wrong — but it’s more Sci-fi, unlike Rafiki which was drama.

“I really like it, so I’m trying to develop it into a larger piece of content. It was co-written by Nnedi Okorafor,” she said. 

“It’s called ‘Rusties’. It’s inspired by traffic robots in Kinshasa. ‘Rusties’ were created by this female engineer called Teresa Izee. (Pause) You can’t discover them and not write about them if you’re a science fiction person.

“So these robots stop traffic, they wave their arms, they sing to pedestrians, and they’re trusted more than the police. My story is about ‘Rusties’ in Kenya. We start the story after there’s been like a system weighed and everything is going crazy … this is such a weird conversation, I don’t know how you’re going to make sense of any of this …(Laughs)


“Oh! I will … that’s what I do for a living …(Laughs) … anyway these robots are making cars crash into each other, everything is going berserk but all through a personal lens of a girl who is going through the most horrible break-up of her life.”


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