Wangari Maathai Among Time’s 100 Women Of The Year

As we gear up for the International women’s day on 8th March 2020, institutions across the world are doing everything to highlight generational equality in realizing women’s rights.

Time Magazine came up with 100 women of the year project in a bid to spotlighting influential women who were often overshadowed. This includes women who occupied positions from which the men were often chosen, like world leaders Golda Meir and Corazon Aquino, but far more who found their influence through activism or culture. 

The magazine re-dug their archives to highlight 100 women who’ve graced the cover from 1920 to 2019.

Among the selected women include our very own Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai who graced the cover in 2001. She was recognised for her efforts as the first woman in Central and East Africa to earn a PhD but she learned the ways of the world by planting trees.

In 1977, she founded the Green Belt Movement to teach peasant women livelihoods while reforesting urban areas. That wholesome pursuit was seen as a threat by Kenya’s land-grabbing politicians.

Maathai found organic links between environmentalism, poverty reduction and democratic rights.

Another woman from Africa on the cover is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf the Liberian first-ever Female president.

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