Wanavokali Drop Their Debut Self-Titled Album

Kenyan music group members Wanavokali have finally released their debut self-titled album. The 11-track album has amazing music, top-notch audio production, and of course their signature beautiful harmonies. Some of its songs include; Rhumba, Kula Tatu, Reasons, Love Is The Air, Gratitude, and Amani.

Wanavokali Album is the perfect exhibition of the sextet’s diversity and talent. In it are songs from various genres such as Rhumba, Gospel, and Gengetone. Harmonies are part and parcel of their brand hence 5 of the tracks in the album feature the group members’ collective voices. In a bid to flaunt the individual capabilities of each of the members, the other 6 feature each member as lead, backed up the other group members.

The messages in this album’s songs touch on various topics such as love, spirituality, and life in general. For instance, Rhumba and Kula Tatu are party songs that are infused with harmonies. Reasons featuring H_Art The Band on the other hand is an introspective song about the ups and downs of life.

Comprised of six members Chep, Lena, Mella, Riki, Sam, and Ythera, Wanavokali has been on a steady rise to Kenyan music royalty. Last year, the group that met in 2018 at the Safaricom Twaweza Live Tour as background vocalists performing for various artists, won the coveted Old Mutual’s Amazing Voices.

The album is available on major music streaming apps such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

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