Wambui Ndung’u Talks Makeup Business, Joining YouTube and More!

Search eyebrow tutorials on YouTube and you’ll probably end up with thousands of results of various pro and amateur makeup artistes detailing all the important steps to perfect your brow game. Are you even a serious beauty and makeup YouTuber if you haven’t shot your own brow tutorial video? Nah!

Wambui Ndung’u just recently launched a YouTube channel. “Since I become a Pro MUA, I’ve always thought about starting a YouTube Channel where I can post makeup/ beauty related content to help women who are struggling with their skills in a certain area. In addition, it’s about giving them a quick solution to practicing from the comfort of their home,” she shares.

Her first video was an eyebrow tutorial that any beginner can use to get perfectly drawn and shaded brows. “The reason I started with the brow tutorial is because most ladies struggle with shaping and defining their brow.” This is so true and perhaps why so many videos of the same have been done.


“Business has been slow and I am not booking clients on a regular basis which is why I decided to start creating content to be more noticeable.”

The talented makeup artist has decided to cover different topics on her vlog. “My channel will have other things that I love such as travel, fashion, and wellness. Above all, I would like to make a living out of the Channel.”

If you think you need a lot to start such an undertaking, you are wrong. “I’m using my phone for everything, vlogging & editing. And for the lighting, natural light,” adds Wambui.

Eyebrow Tutorial.

1. Essential tools– Flat Concealer brush, spoolie brush & blending brush.

2. Essential products– eyebrow pencil, Concealer ( 1-2 shades lighter than normal skin color) and dark concealer or Foundation that matches your skin color.

Steps are as follows:-
1. Set your brow using a setting powder.
2. Comb through using a spoolie brush.
3. Using your brow pencil, draw line following the shape of your brows. Ensure you use a light hand to make them look as natural as possible.
4. Using a flat brush, take some Concealer, and start defining the brow into the desired shape.
5. Once you’re happy with the results, take your blending brush and blend all the excess concealer into your skin or eyelids.
6. With your spoolie brush, go over on more time to comb out the brow so as you can blend all the product out for nice naturally looking eyebrows.

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