Wakadinali’s Munga Takes Break From Music Following Health Issues

Wakadinali’s member Dormani Munga has announced that he’s taking a break from music this December due to health issues.

On X, the rapper shared a simple statement saying that he won’t be able to perform or record this December but didn’t disclose what health issues he’s experiencing

“Due to my health issue, I won’t be around, hadi January. Poleni sana to my fans. I’m grabbing a break,” Munga said on X.

The announcement comes at a time when the group, which also includes Scar and Sewersyad, is expected to lead a string of concerts across Kenya as the festive season officially kicks in.

The group has been in the music industry for close to a decade now and is among the most streamed Kenyan group in both Youtube and Spotify.

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