Wahu Reveals That Nameless Was Opposed To Her Coming Out As Gospel Artist


Power couple Wahu and Nameless have revealed that Wahu’s transition from secular to gospel music was a source of issues in their relationship.

During the recent episode of their reality show dubbed, ‘This Love’, Wahu opened up about her journey in salvation.

She revealed that her salvation was not constant in her life and blamed hypocritical Christians for that. So, when she decided to finally go public about her transition, Wahu revealed that Nameless was opposed to the idea.

“In 2016, Bien told us that we need to work on an album together and not a single. We were in the process of doing it. The issues came up when she said she wanted to do gospel music,” Nameless said.

“He was like ‘what if you do gospel today and later you want to do other genres’,” Wahu revealed.

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According to him, he was not sure that she would be committed to just singing gospel music

“I was like you don’t have to say you sing gospel, just say you are saved. I told her I think you are just excited and full of emotions,” he confessed.

Regardless, Wahu made the big announcement after the switch and has been succeeding and her music is doing well.

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