Wahu Back At It With “YEYE”, Collaborating With Cindy (Blu 3)

Wahu, like her husband Nameless, is one of the artists in Kenya who have been there from the beginning. Her earlier tracks such as “Liar” and “Kibow Wow” were a little feisty  but things softened up after she go her first child and she released Sweet Love.

She released a couple of records after, including one with Bobi Wine called Little Things You Do, a sexy and flirtatious dancehall track where Wahu (or her persona in the song) expressed her sentiments about a particular guy that drives her crazy. There might have been a bit of backlash but I didn’t see anything wrong with the video or her expressions. Mothers can be sexy too and ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Her latest track from around nine (9) months ago was Nenda, with Moti-Ice, an artist I haven’t heard from since. It’s a beautiful song with the prodigal son story line kinda with Wahu and Moti playing brother and sister.

Anyway, after that hiatus, she’s back at it with this record, Yeye, collaborating with Cindy Sanyu formerly of Blu 3 and the newest signee to Kenyan stable Grandpa Records. The dancehall track, produced by RKay, features both women gushing about a particular guy.

Both women are in great shape (good Lord!) and are just having fun.

The video concept is a little cliche if you ask me. Two girls on what I’m assuming is a road trip, somewhere in the middle (of a forest) their car breaks down and they have to get it fixed so they get this hot mechanic who is in great shape (duh!) to fix the car. The girls are staring at him, giggling and high 5-ing each other. he knows that they’re checking him out and with good reason but I doubt when he splashes water all over himself or removes his shirt it’s because he’s feeling a little hot.

Hey you fine guy, you love the attention don’t you?


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