Waihiga Mwaura Takes On BBC’s ‘Focus on Africa TV’ As The Show Is Presented For The First Time In The Continent 

Waihiga made history by presenting BBC’s Focus on Africa TV for the First time on the continent. 

Sharing the show’s milestone, BBC shared:

“For the first time ever, Focus on Africa TV will be presented from Africa – Kenya, Nairobi.” Adding… 

“This is a statement of the BBC’s commitment to getting closer to audiences and investing in journalism on the continent. Production teams will be based in Nairobi and London,” 

Waihiga Mwaura on Making History with BBC’s Focus on Africa TV

Sharing news of the milestone the former Citizen TV presenter is making with BBC, Wahiga posted:

“End of an era. Start of another. Thank you @Okwache for the warm welcome.”

The journalist shared the importance of Focus on Africa’s being brought to the continent, saying,

“Bringing the program closer to the 1.3 billion people that make up the African continent for me is very exciting because it means we can do a lot of things differently by just being able to be closer to them,” 

The show airs on BBC News.

Focus on Africa podcast

BBC also launched Focus on Africa podcast presented by Audrey Brown and Richard Kagoe.

The podcast replaces Focus on Africa radio and will be available via BBC World Service.