Beauty Influencer Wabosha Maxine Speaks Out On Allegations Of Self Harm

Popular Youtuber and influencer Maxine Wabosha has come out to address rumours around self-harm after netizens and fans raised the alarm online.

Hawk-eyed netizens scrutinized one of her latest posts where she was promoting make-up and couldn’t help but zoom in on some scratch marks on her wrist.

This was brought to the attention of tea master Edgar Obare who reached out for a comment.

Who is Maxine Wabosha?😍

Other fans speculated that she could be in a physically abusive relationship while others defended her honour.

Wabosha explained to worried fans that she is safe and happy and the scratches were just accidental from her recent trip.

“To be very honest, I am not even sure what happened to my hand. But I feel like the scratches aren’t deep enough to be from a blade. I wouldn’t post self-harm pics for any kind of attention though. As for my leg, those are snorkelling injuries from my recent trip. My legs just happen to bruise easily,” she explained.

The alarm was raised a few weeks after influencer Elodie Zone, who at the time was dating Nviiri, revealed that she had undergone abuse from him. She later retracted her sentiments blaming it on the alcohol, but fans have been keener on celebrities after the whole ordeal.


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