Vivo At The Essence Festival Of Culture

Vivo Woman’s grand debut at the Essence Festival of Culture was a success to say the least! It was thrilling to see Vivo Fashion Group, immerse themselves in the essence of African fashion, as they showcased proudly made-in-Africa designs.

The brand took to their Instagram page to thank their ever so loyal customers… “What an incredible journey it has been at the Essence Festival of Culture! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have shopped with us and wholeheartedly supported the Made in Africa initiative. Together, we are making a powerful statement, celebrating the richness of African culture, promoting economic growth, and showcasing exquisite craftsmanship. Let’s continue to spread the essence of Africa worldwide!

This is a testament that the Fashion Design industry in Kenya is just beginning to make a notable impression on the lucrative international market. Kenya’s fashion scene is a beautiful blend of traditional styles and contemporary influences from around the world. With its growth, Kenya’s fashion industry boasts several highly acclaimed fashion brands and designers who have earned recognition both nationally and globally.

Vivo Fashion Group, CEO, Wandia Gichuru louds her success to her support team.

“Trust me when I say there is no such thing as making it on your own. You need people, an entire support team. But not just the people you hire. You need friends and family too! People who care about you enough and believe in you enough to go WAY WAY WAY above and beyond the call of duty.

Setting up a pop-up shop across the world without a single employee on the ground is fricking hard! Receiving thousands of products, tracking and following up all other orders, renting U-hauls, transporting goods across states, building furniture, setting up, dealing with every delay and complication (and trust me, there have been many) running around for every last minute detail, you name it!

We have been held up by angels, and these two men here are two of my biggest angels. And there are many more. And don’t let their smiles fool you, they have worked HARD!!!

Words are not enough to express how deeply grateful I am for all of you…. but they are a start. So, from the bottom of my heart I say thank you. We honestly wouldn’t be here without you.”

Gichuru’s success story is one that is becoming more and more common across Africa. A bright young entrepreneur with a vision that recognizes the potential of the continent’s massive spending power, a market that has over 1 billion consumers and a total GDP in excess of US$3 trillion.
Gichuru founded Vivo in 2011 with her business partner, Anne Marie Burugu. Since its founding, Vivo has grown to be one of the leading fashion labels in Kenya with 14 stores across the country and a reputation for stylish and affordable clothing. It has built a reputation for bright and colourful designs that often have an edgy feel to them. The company also owns the ShopZetu e-commerce platform, selling not only its own designs but also items from 3rd party retailers and manufacturers.