Vivian Drops New Album “Vivi The Album”

Singer Vivian has dropped her third album dubbed “Vivi The Album” which premiered exclusively on Boomplay.

Vivi the album, according to the singer, has been in the production for the better part of 2021 and 2022. The album is solely about her personal life rather than the Vivian brand that fans are familiar with.

“The #ViviTheAlbum may not mean much to many but today for the first time I celebrate Vivian Wambui,” she said during the premier.

“It’s been 9years since I recorded my first single. And finally, I feel like my journey as a musician in this country has gone full circle. Many of you have seen me being consistent in one of the most difficult things I will ever do in my life. Sustaining a music career. What a journey.”

The singer further said the album is centred on her life away from the limelight because she wants to tell her story. Vivian hasn’t given out much about her life in almost a decade she has been in the music business.

“It’s a masterpiece. The album is a bit more centered on my story. Who I am. My relationship with myself, with God and my relationships with fellow humans! A true rollercoaster ride. The album has that freestyle approach pushing a new level of excellence.”

It follows her 2019 album “Vivi” and “Teren” released in 2016 which were also released under Mainswitch Records.

Some of the songs in the project include: “Chachisha” ft Sossun, You are God, Heart of a lion, do do do among others.

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