Viral Ugali Man Gifted Car, 5 Million Shillings Richer

Charles Odongo, the viral sensation behind ‘Ugali man’ woke up a millionaire today after Odi Bets gifted him Ksh. 5 million as well as a brand new car.

Ugali man received his goodies earlier today during a private ceremony held by the betting company in Nairobi.

In the pictures making rounds on social media, he could be seen surrounded by comedian Jaymo Ule Msee and Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni. Radio presenter and comedian Jalang’o was the host of the event.

Charles Adongo, a man who went viral and later landed a deal with one of the betting companies.

Odongo held up his dummy cheque with a wide grin across his face beaming with pride.

“The same way you have held my hand and uplifted me, I will also help those who are behind me,” Odongo said at the event.

The gym instructor promised to use the money and gym to uplift others and to guide the youth from engaging in crime.

“My dad was a boxer and a fitness guy. I followed in his footsteps and I am proud of the far I have come with this betting company that has held my hand since day one. I used to work at a gym. However, I lost my job when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. My dad asked me to save on rent and I relocated to our home where I built a small mabati shack,” he revealed.


This comes just a week after he featured his skilful ugali eating skills on Odi Bets’ latest advertisement, that got the whole country talking.

The AD even got the attention of the likes of Tanzania’s superstar Diamond Platnumz who also praised Odongo and the creativity behind it.

“I love creativities behind this AD,” he wrote.

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