This Viral Meme On Social Media Will Make Your Day

Social Media in the 254 is a market place where you gather all types of information from news, traffic, accidents, events, campaigns but witticism takes the largest share. If you keep tabs on what is happening in the country and around the world, social media should be your first pitstop.

This year, we have seen the use of humorous images with slight variations otherwise known as memes spread across the globe and Kenyans are quick to jump on each. Funny enough we now have a meme calendar. January we had Salt Bae-a Turkish – a chef who deals with steak whose signature salt trick spread across the globe. February we had Mc Roll Safe from Britain mocking poor decisions making and failure to think through.

March is here and we have a cartoon character Saitama from Anime One-Man-Punch where he seemed poised and thoroughly explaining to get himself off the hook with the signature hand on the chest. Kenyans online jumped ship and made this meme to serve their silly slapstick play.

Besides the regular tweeps on the meme challenge, brands took this opportunity to push their agenda and products. When big brands like Safaricom, Durex, KCB hop on such humor, it’s bound to spiral and have many more join in. Check out some of them here.

This is where it all began with a tackle to our lewd politicians

Brands were on site already and Safaricom was first

KCB was on it as well

But this reply was legendary

The Condoms account had to turn it sideways

Then OLX has to bulge in

Betting Kings Sportpesa had their say as well

Weetabix was not Left out

We could go on and on but this meme surely has a permanent home in the 254 from now henceforth. Brands were really on point to get their hands on this.

I shoot to the moon because if i miss i land on stars. My Life is Now!! So come join me and we find out the next escapade.