Victoria Kimani Emotionally Talks About The Plight Of The African Woman In Africa

Victoria Kimani has come out to vocally talk about the insecurity she faces as an African woman in Africa.

While the world is at war in one or the other form of segregation and abuse, Victoria has chosen to speak about the lesser tackled evil that is rarely ever addressed, that is the plight of the African woman.

I can’t lie… have I ever felt safe or protected by African men? Nope,” she started, in a series of social media posts.

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She revealed all the trauma that goes into being an African woman that nobody addresses.

Being an African woman in Africa is the fucking ghetto… it’s a traumatizing experience… it sucks. We are undervalued, underpaid, underappreciated, and simply under the radar… I hate it here… from the bottom of my heart. We wont even talk about the men,” she wrote in another post.
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Miss Kimani went on to warn that African women are not punching bags and should therefore be respected.

African women are Not your punching bag…not your sex toy, not your ego boosters, not your servant and certainly, not your enemy. African men reduce their women … constantly. Break them down to a size that serves them only,” added Ms Kimani.

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