Victoria Kimani Dishes Details on Her Debut Album with Elle Magazine (SA)

Victoria Kimani is no stranger to Kenyans. She’s the daughter of missionaries, Bamboo’s younger sister and more importantly a pop artist signed to Chocolate City Nigeria.

The pop star sat down with Elle Magazine and they talked about lots, including her debut album.

On her collaboration with Khuli Chana, Victoria said that Khuli got the song from her team, loved the vibe of it (All The Way) and recorded it on the same day of the video shoot. Sounds pretty hectic but she goes on to say that their schedules had to be in sync and it worked out pretty well. Victoria feels hat the reception she got on the record is, so far, the best ever since she started releasing music three years ago.

The concept of the video was inspired by the ’90s vibe from Victoria’s childhood with the roller skates and obviously being fashion forward herself, she wanted it to portray fashion and a little bit of art with the glow in the dark tribal paint.


On her album:

This is her first album ever and she needed people to understand the type of artist she is so she released singles in different places which eventually ended up being hits. The album may be released in the third quarter of the year and is going to be called “Safari”, a summation of her life in a way.  Victoria would love to have 12-15 tracks on it but you know at the end of the day these decisions are made by management so there could be more or less. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The features on the album include Sarkodie and (sexy) South African artist Donald. Looks like there are also going to be surprises on this album as there will be an international feature she didn’t name drop, an introduction to new artists and she mentioned that the lead single would be a surprise as well.

On production, there’s lots of Reinhard, a producer from Nigeria who Victoria says they have great musical chemistry. Reinhard produced All The Way.

Victoria is all about diversity on Safari and also working with different artists, not the ones everybody else is working with.

The album will be released in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria and possibly a couple more because, she says, “That is another way of legitimizing the soul of the record.” Since she has collaborated with different artists, has experimented with different sounds and has fans in different regions in Africa (and the world) she feels the need to take the  album to the people on the ground.  The album will of course be available on iTunes as well as hard copies as is the norm.

Victoria Kimani is a huge supporter of we Africans taking advantage our space and using it to thrive and become better brands and business people the way Americans and Europeans do it. So since she wants to carry a message to the world, she’s using her music to do that.

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