Victoria Kimani Becomes First African Artist to Venture Into Loot Arena; NFT Space

Victoria Kimani has become the first African artist to Join the Loot Arena and the NFT space. The China Love hitmaker joins other talented international artists sharing their art on the platform.

About Loot Arena And NFT

Loot Arena is an invite-only site where members, also known as miners, experience the Proof of Play protocol by battle-bidding at auctions and in the process, mine Loot NFT native currency, the Loot Ticket (LTT).

The winning miner is rewarded with an NFT (Non-fungible token), and every bidder receives LTT based on a mining ratio. The NFTs can then be re-listed for sale.

Victoria Kimani On Being A Pioneer African Artist On Loot Arena

Commenting on pioneering trends in the music industry, Victoria shared her excitement.

“I’m a little bit obsessed with doing things first.”

The Kenyan star will be listing a segment of her hit song “Gimme Money” in Loot Arena.

“It’s a very danceable, upbeat song.” she described the single from her Fourth Studio Album dubbed Spirit Animal.

“Gimme Money is a song that was very much birthed during the pandemic. It’s supposed to be uplifting. Africans like to dance through their struggles, we like to escape through our music.” She said.

How Victoria Kimani Ventured Into NFT

Victoria said she is excited to tap into this new sphere.

“Everything is digital now. It’s like a whole other universe that we are living in. This is my first time doing anything like this, and I’m very, very excited. I can’t wait. It took time, but when I really understood the concept, it was a no-brainer” She added

“This is a way for my music to exist in a whole other realm, making me feel Immortal. I’m excited and honored to be the “First recording artist in Lootverse.” Victoria Kimani concluded.