Vanessa Kingori’s Rise To The Top Of Her Industry

It was recently announced that the Kenyan born Vanessa Kingori has been appointed the new publishing director of British Vogue – one of the most illustrious positions in global editorial fashion. Defining trends through the cultivation of relationships with design houses, her journey has been no fluke.

She has worked for a number major names in the past – ascending to the top as the first female publisher at GQ Style and British GQ. She has also worked at other high ranking fashion bibles including Esquire -a space she stumbled on after university and a short stint as a model

Only last week we spoke of her most recent honour at the UK’s Black Magic Awards where she received the Media Mogul award.

Vanessa Kingori is a game changer – a fashion powerhouse who has risen to the top of the industry through talent, vision and sheer force of will.

Born in Kenya, Kingori actually grew up in the Caribbean before moving to London where she has consistently raised the bar – and her status over the years at levels within fashion that have (almost inexplicably) been dominated by men. She has raised the bar and pushed through that glass ceiling with force.

Speaking to Vogue, she reflected on what this next step means:

“In a moment when continuous change across the communications, fashion and luxury industries creates dynamic and exhilarating opportunities for the strongest media brands, Vogue’s unrivaled equity sets it apart as the best of the best… To be tasked with setting and leading commercial strategy across the British Vogue brand …is truly an honour”

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Image Credit: Dorothy Oginni

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