Looking To Uplevel Your Brand? These Kenyan Companies Can Come In Handy

The benefits of a strong brand can never be overemphasized; be it personal or building one for your business. It’s proven that people prefer to buy from those they know, like, and trust. And creating an unstoppable brand is one of the ways to uplevel your “know, like, and trust factor” – and ultimately reap the rewards that come with the territory.

If you’re in business or looking to step in that direction, below is a list of 10 Kenyan companies that can help elevate your business brand whether you are at an idea stage, just getting started, or considering reinventing/rebranding. These 10 companies can help you create a strong brand identity, personality, and even assist in formulating a top-notch communication strategy.

Bixo Marketing

This one of the fastest growing online marketing companies that help brands increase their online sales. So if your product or service is offered online, or you’re looking get into the digital space, this is the team to contact. They will help you increase your brand awareness, increase your audience loyalty, and of course increase sales by converting leads into customers.

Click Interactive Media

This is a creative digital content agency made up of individuals who are passionate about connecting hearts and minds to brands. They describe themselves as Doers, Dreamers, and Mavericks. They’ve worked with popular brands like Garden City and Suave Kenya among others.

Intellspark Limited

This is a software development and digital marketing agency set out to transform ideas into reality. They help you with your app design and development, incorporating modern branding methods like video production and web content for any type of business.

Kapu Digital

Kapu is a collective creative and digital marketing agency that specializes in helping organizations navigate the Kenyan digital marketing arena. The team refers to themselves as digital junkies. It comprises of marketers, creatives, and storytellers.

Ace Creatives

They help elevate your brand with compelling graphics to help in setting you above the crowd and inspire action. Aside from graphic design, they also produce videos and offer web design as well.

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Brand Guru

This is an enthusiastic creative team given to creating brand messages from the heart, making sure that whatever they churn out is intentional, engaging, and inspires action. They provide branding, marketing, digital and print solutions.

GreyOwl Ltd

This is a Panafrican award-winning brand design agency that has been in the business for over a decade. They offer a wholesome range of market activation services which include research, brand and communication strategy, product development, production, and publishing.


Brand Extreme

They develop creative campaigns that meet unique business needs and challenges. Their wide range of service offerings and commitment to excellence places them in the top-tier when it comes to branding matters. They are not only in Kenyan but have branches across East Africa.

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The innovative branding company is committed to excellence and superior services at affordable rates, within the shortest time possible. The company that strongly believes in team spirit has been around a little over a decade. They are creators of promotional materials, corporate gifts, interior design, and more.

In case you need to know more about the different companies, look them up on the various social platforms or their website.