Upgrade Your Beard Care With These Kenyan Owned Brands

Male grooming has become a ‘kawaida’ thing for most Kenyan men. Fewer jamaz may have a full grooming or skincare regime but many have a beard product or two. We also pray and hope that they have a cleanser and moisturizer but that’s a whole other topic for another day.

As a country, we definitely have men who would qualify for a hypothetical Beard Olympics. Anyone come to mind?? Shaffie Weru? Kagwe Mungai? Let’s just get this out there though, all groomed beards matter… and if you choose to or just can’t grow a beard that’s all good too.

Beard oils can improve your beard and skin.

Some basics:

  • Beard oils are best applied right after washing your face or showering as the hairs are softer and your skin is more absorbent.
  • Carrier oils are the most important ingredient within beard oil
  • Essential oils provide great scents among other benefits
  • Note for those with skin sensitivities: skip essential oils as they may cause irritation for the skin underneath your beard.
  • Different skin and facial hair types require specific oils.

For the bearded fellaz, here are some of the leading beard products we’ve spotted and got reviews on from the men in our lives: We’ve also shared the basics for making your own beard oil.

  1. The Mandevu


2. Marini Naturals



3. Luguah Naturals



How to DIY Your Beard Oil 

Picking Carrier oils for your beard needs:

  • Jojoba – similar to your natural human oils and is easily absorbed by your skin
  • Argan – makes skin softer and protects against signs of ageing like wrinkles
  • Sweet almond – keeps inflammation at bay, which particularly helps prevent in-grown hairs
  • Coconut – one of the best natural moisturizing and hydrating products on the planet, great for dry environments
  • Hazelnut – helps prevent acne and eczema
  • Hemp seed – another moisturizing oil, helps prevent facial hair from becoming brittle

Essential oils

  • Cedarwood – helps prevent acne
  • Eucalyptus – aids again skin irritation
  • Lemongrass – invigorates, like a good aftershave
  • Peppermint – invigorates and refreshes the skin
  • Amla – repairs damaged hair

With that said, you might want to make your own beard oil at home and it is as simple as this:

  1. Start with Carrier Oils
  2. Add Essential Oils
  3. Mix and Enjoy

Cover Image: @moshey001 (IG)
Additional research: Brian Ndungu

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