Up Close with Mya, Ginuwine and 112 Ahead of #ThePlot!

#ThePlot is finally here! that’s going down tonight and it will be featuring performances from stellar R&B acts; Mya, Ginuwine and 112.

Yesterday, PRC decided to take us on a rather unexpected road trip to Mbuni Estate, where the press conference was held. It was quite the journey and I’ll admit it, we were asking ourselves if the stars were going to make it all the way by road or if they were coming at all. Yeah, go ahead and call us doubting Thomases. Anyway, a few minutes after we arrived and we heard the close to deafening sound of two choppers and you could tell there was excitement in the group as almost every member of the press went to receive the stars.

Unfortunately 112 wasn’t able to make it but we had a great time with Ginuwine and Mya.

We got to ask a few questions and this is just a brief write up of some of it. Also, catch my one on one with Mya here.

Since Empire premiered, many artists have been on it and it has made quite an impact as far as music and entertainment is concerned. Upon being asked if they’re planning to get involved, Mya expressed her desire to be on the show while Ginuwine said that his agents are currently trying to get him on but he prefers Power.

I asked whether it’s a possibility for them to work with a Kenyan artist and what they would be looking for. Mya said she would be willing to working with an artist from here depending on the message they are trying to put out into the world. All she needs is passion, direction, someone who is aware of their skills and energy. Once they’re in cohesion, that would be perfect for her. Referencing his interview earlier that morning on Homeboyz Radio (G Money in The Morning), Ginuwine said that he heard a lot of music and is definitely very serious about working with a Kenyan artist before their departure on Monday. On top of what Mya said, he needs direction and someone who is bubbling.

What has it been like for Mya to be performing with her peers?

Beautiful, she said, and humbling that she gets to share the stage with people who she came up with at around the same time in the 90s. It’s been a great experience so far and she’s looking forward to more.  A member of the press asked her if she would work on something with Ginuwine, to which he responded that they already had but he (Ginuwine) didn’t know about it. Mya informed him about the song which she recorded for his mixtape. Someone from Ginuwine’s camp sent it to her but they weren’t in studio together.


Mya at PRC press conference

Whether there’s more from them coming our way, they said they look forward to working on something. Since they’re both singers and dancers, there will definitely be lots of energy on it as well.

Ginuwine was asked about his t-shirt “Verified African”. That’s his clothing line, Verified Identity, a brand that focuses on clean and simplistic attire and also donates monthly to help existing/aspiring entrepreneurial youth. The clothing line is supported by celebrities such as Vivica A. Fox, Nicole Richie and many others.

Ginuwine: Verified African

Ginuwine: Verified African

Mya’s take on entrepreneur Chris Kirubi trying to take her out to Lake Kirubi? Well, she’ll date a Kenyan man if he can cook because “Mya loves food and loves to eat.”

What do they hope to do before they leave? Go to the club and the mall as well as enjoy some local foods. Special recommendation from everyone in the house was ugali, kachumbari and nyama choma!

Photo credits: PRC

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