Unplug & Restart: The Power of Rest!

When was the last time you intentionally took time off? Are you the kind that believes that the world is purely resting on your shoulders and any time taken off could result in calamity? Are you playing god in your life?. I know I stand the risk of offending you but sadly maybe this is what you need to jolt you to reality and therein health.

We live in a world that has normalized dysfunction. One that has defined achievement and great ethic as working nonstop and vilified those who occasionally take time off to reboot and even take stock of life. The truth is while hard work is an admirable virtue it doesn’t necessarily equal success. I believe that hard work without a strategy and in between rest guarantees long-term failure.

What benefit would it be if you worked soo hard, acquired all that you dreamt of, and didn’t live long enough to enjoy it? This recipe for disaster has also left so many angry at the world and unfulfilled. If your machines ( laptop and phones ) require regular downtime, what makes you think you can run year in year out without some shutdown?. Lack of downtime will only have you popping a bunch of pills to keep going while the only pill you need is a chill pill.

Please hold yourself back from the self-defeating argument that you need money to enjoy some time off. Rest need not be expensive. It can be something as simple and inexpensive as taking a walk or mindfully sitting down with everything else turned down to enjoy some tranquility.

Rafiki, do yourself a favor and invest in your future self by resting now. I guarantee you will be more productive, creative, and healthy by switching off every once in a while. Did I also mention you will be less cranky and easier to live with? Do you and the world a favor and rest up, won’t you!.

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