Muthoni Njoba’s Initiative ‘Unlocking Self-love’ Celebrates First Year Anniversary

Kenyan Pro Makeup Artist, Beauty Educator, and business owner, Muthoni Njoba, recently celebrated the first anniversary of Unlocking Self-love. Muthoni, a single mother to an incredible young man, Lemayan Gatheca, has been on a journey like any other woman, discovering herself, her passion, and all the deep questions life throws at us. A year ago, Muthoni launched Unlocking Self-love as a way of giving women an opportunity to not only appreciate their beauty externally but to internally accept and love themselves fully and wholly.

After receiving a DM from one of her followers to write a letter to her 25-year-old younger self, Muthoni Njoba embarked on a self-reflection journey. What came across as she wrote the letter was the fact that she had so much courage at the age of 25. After years of lots of negativity because of her body weight, leaving a corporate job to pursue her passion in makeup artistry, being a mother at the age of 22, calling off her engagement, etc.

Discovering self-love enabled Muthoni to find her life’s purpose and create the life she wanted for herself. Muthoni has overcome all the negativity she faced and accomplished so much through her work as a makeup artist.

“If I could just give women an opportunity not just to externally appreciates their beauty but to internally accept and love themselves fully and wholly, then I’d fully dedicate my next 10 years, 20 years, or even 30 years to doing the same.” – Muthoni Njoba

Unlocking Self-love aims at helping people practice self-love, gratitude, affirmations, set their goals, and live their life unapologetically through sharing tips and tools to help them. Self-love is a journey, and many of us start it because we have neglected and rejected ourselves for so long. Through their beautiful Unlocking Self-love gratitude, affirmation books, and planners, women can now find purpose in their day-to-day lives.

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