#UnKutTheCypher Season 3: “QINGS”

UnKut the Cypher actually originated from a roundtable that I hosted back in 2015; UnKut the Roundtable. It featured that year’s JumpOff Freshmen class and although I never got to release the footage because of a few technical issues, the idea remained with me. I’m still thinking of that roundtable.

I had no plans of getting into event organizing. If anything, I was content just hosting Hip Hop Culture on HBR (Sat 7-9 pm) and my blogs as well as sharing opinions on matters arising in KE/ African Hip Hop if need be. That’s until my career advisor challenged me to host a Hip Hop gig to celebrate all the success of 2016. I hosted the very first Cypher, an invite only affair, on December 18th at Poppa Don’s house in Karen. Totally clueless about events and how things work, it was a fairly good event.


That was it for me. I wasn’t planning on  a hosting another  one. Word spread about the talents at that Cypher which led to many requests for a second one. I wasn’t sure about it but you know that frightening feeling that makes you say, “Whatever. Let’s do this?” Yeah that’s what happened with the second season, which I’d say was quite an improvement from the first one.


There’s no better PR than word of mouth and well, season 3 is now finally upon us.


Hip Hop is a male dominated field, that’s not news and from the few interactions with some of the male artists, they think that female rappers are “lazy”, “unfocused” or simply just “not serious”. This is what inspired the third season. As a woman in Hip Hop myself, I do understand the struggles that come with the job but I also firmly believe that there is a crop of female artists who are striving to thrive in this field. Entertainment is generally a tough field to be in and the fact that these women take on an even tougher field, I believe that they should be celebrated. Dubbed “QINGS”, the main aim is to applaud these women for their skill, competitiveness as well as show support and encourage them to keep at it! If you’re curious about what Kenyan femcees have to offer, whether you’re a fan or these names are new to you, you should pull up. This is the make or break show and each of those women in the line up has something to prove which will make this one of the best UnKut shows yet.


The fellas are also well represented in the open mic session that features 2 sets of 10 rappers.


Beats have been provided by Vic J (Influencial Music), SaakBeats and AyTee with Mix Masterz International.


Charges are only Kshs. 300 for advance tickets, available on My Mookh.  They’re moving super fast and if you’re not careful, you might miss out on them. Tickets at the gate will be sold at Kshs. 500. Gates open from 5 pm till late.

As always, Hip Hop ni culture ya love, usisahau. See you on 4th!

Lover of Hip Hop, content creator and presenter at Homeboyz Radio, blogger, host of Industry Nite red carpet interviews, podcaster (RK Podcast with Kevin Grands) freelance writer for KenyanVibe.