Unkut Hiphop Awards Unveil 2023 Nomination Roster

Unkut Hiphop Awards has finally unveiled its 2023 nominees setting the stage for an exciting celebration of East African Hiphop culture. Under the theme “Culture Unbound,” this year’s edition promises to recognize and honor outstanding talent across 25 categories, further solidifying its role in spotlighting underrated acts and keeping the region’s Hiphop scene vibrant.

With 23 out of the 25 categories up for contention, the Unkut Hiphop Awards cover a diverse range of honors, from the “Breaker of the Year” and “Album of the Year” to “Drill Artist of the Year,” and “Lyricist of the Year.” The nominees represent a mix of established names and emerging talents, showcasing the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of East African Hiphop. Voting is now open and fans can vote for their favorite nominees here.

Leading the pack with an impressive five nominations is Femi One, a formidable force in the Hiphop scene. Her nominations span across categories such as “Mixtape/EP of the Year,” “Video of the Year,” “Song of the Year,” “Best East African” and “Female Artist.” Femi One’s recognition underscores her significant contributions to the genre and sets the stage for a potentially monumental evening for the artist.

The Unkut Hiphop Awards also shine a spotlight on rising stars, with fresh talents like Sudough Doss from Zoza Nation making his mark. Sudough Doss has earned nominations in the “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” and “Album of the Year” categories, signaling a promising future for the emerging artist.

As the fouth edition of the Unkut Hiphop Awards, this event has proven instrumental in celebrating and promoting various Hiphop sub-genres that have emerged and thrived in the East African scene. Moreover, genres like Shrap, Gengetone, and Alternative Hiphop have found recognition through this platform, contributing to the rich tapestry of the region’s musical landscape.

Unkut Hiphop Awards Gala

The winners of the Unkut Hiphop Awards 2023 will be unveiled at a gala ceremony set to take place at the Expressway Lounge, Mombasa Road, on the 13th of December 2023, starting from 5 pm. The dress code for the event is strictly formal with a touch of gold.

To be part of this unmissable celebration, enthusiasts are urged to secure their tickets promptly. Only 100 tickets are available for the gala ceremony, and they can be purchased on Mookh. This exclusive event promises to be a memorable night, bringing together the who’s who of the East African Hiphop community.

Unkut Hiphop Awards 2023 Nominees

Gengetone Artist of the Year
  • Maandy
  • Trio Mio
  • Fathermoh
  • Ssaru
  • YBW Smith
Breaker of the Year
  • Mzushiafrica
  • Onkwani
  • Bboy Drift
  • Bgirl Acy
DJ of the Year
  • Slick
  • Kev The DJ
  • Whizzy
  • Bugy
Best Alternative Artist
  • Bey T
  • Mau From Nowhere
  • Prxnce
  • King Kerby
  • Tai Dai
Best Female Artist
  • Rosa Ree
  • Groovy Jo
  • Femi One
  • Wangechi
  • Dyana Cods
  • Mc Yallah
Video Director of the Year
  • Ondivow
  • Blackjurist
  • Jijo Drumbeats
  • Steve Mugo
  • Ivan Odie
  • Badman Bright
Best East African Artist
  • Rosa Ree
  • Khaligraph
  • Navio
  • Young Lunya
  • Kaa La Moto
  • Fid Q
  • Femi One
Drill Artist of the Year
  • Jodye Faneto
  • Davaji
  • Bueno
  • Spinx Mafia
  • Big Yasa
Best Collaboration
  • Pop – Licky & Mr. Right
  • Is It Just Me – Joefes Ft Unspoken Salaton
  • Big Man – Fid Q Ft Rosa Ree
  • Mzigo – Wangechi Ft Buruklyn Boyz
  • Wacha Maneno – Lagum The Rapper Ft Man Lee & Denesi
Breakthrough Artist of The Year
  • Shekina Karen
  • Sudough Doss
  • Shanty Bobo
  • Sabi Wu
  • DJ Gibbzy
Best Male Artist
  • The Mith
  • Jakk LW
  • Khaligraph
  • Scar
  • Katapilla
Lyricist of the Year
  • Katapilla
  • Sewersydaa
  • Asum Garvey
  • Jakk Quill
  • Kitu Sewer
  • Freshlikeuhhhh
Best Hiphop Radio Show
  • The Cypher by Slick – CapitalFM
  • Hip Hop Republik with Curtis – Ghetto Radio
  • Mseto Hip Hop Tuesday by Willy Tuva – Radio Citizen
  • Dakika Kumi Za Maangamizi with Lesa Sidi & Rich Msafi – East Africa Radio
  • Kiss Most Wanted with Abasi Mkasi & DJ Crush
Producer of The Year
  • Odzz Music
  • Ares 66
  • Cap
  • Vinc On The Beat
  • Samurae
  • Ringle Beatz
Best Clothing Brand
  • Seasaw Office
  • Uncommon Rebel
  • Don Kings
  • Nairobi Nnoize
  • Pe$os
  • Baggy Unit
Vernacular Rap Song/Artist of the Year
  • Jambetre Ngolo – MC Sharon –
  • Mutirichi Cheriya – Bryce One & This is H
  • Pok Alando – Gabiro Mtu Necessary
  • Atugonza – Joka & DJ Simonn
  • Gwitũ – Flowflani-
  • IDFWTF – Nick O’Sam Ft Zeddy Blvko
Best Graffiti Artist
  • Phunk Bantu
  • Bamwenga
  • Mutua Arts
  • Smokillah
  • Artumaini
Album of the Year
  • Mkanda Mweusi – Kaa La Moto
  • Me Against Me – Katapilla
  • Emotional Gangster – Wangechi
  • $€£K – Sudough Doss
  • Searching for Utopia – Jakk Quill
Mixtape/EP of the Year
  • Bigger Than Biggie – Jodye Faneto ft. Neevo Worldwide-
  • Dem Kutoka Mwiki – Femi One
  • Pressure – Groovy Jo
  • The Boss Lady – Shazzy B
  • #Systeemu – The Mith
Best Alternative Media
  • Adoveli Podcast
  • Micshariki Africa
  • Da Hookup
  • Drill Digest
  • Iko Nini Podcast
Video of the Year
  • Kisumu by Kaa La Moto – Ken Koast
  • Prembeshwa by Trio Mio – Ivan Odie for LWKY
  • Iivane Wakuu Music Ft Khaligraph Jones – Ondivow Photography
  • Mzigo by Wangechi Ft Burukyln Boyz – Mike Lolly P
  • Big Fat Cheque by Breeder LW – Antyvirus AV
  • Suspect by Femi One Ft Katapilla – Jijo drumbeats
Best Rap Group/Duo
  • Riett Kamati
  • Afrocentric
  • Mabantu
  • Wakadinali
  • Wakuu Music
Song of The Year
  • Sikutambui – Wakadinali
  • Sikwebela – MC Yallah Ft Debmaster
  • Staki – Femi One Ft Domani Mkadinali
  • Starshine – Burukyln Boys

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