Unexpected Personalities On Board KQ’s Maiden Flight To New York

The Kenya Airways maiden nonstop flight KQ002 touched down in New York just a few hours ago.

Last night during the launch of the inaugural flight we got wind of some of the unexpected personalities who would make history by being among the first people to be in this special flight. By unexpected we mean not politicians or diplomats or KQ employees who were obviously going to be there in full swing.

And because we live in a digital age, it was exciting to have some of them share this moment with us…

We have compiled some of the snaps and the deeply felt sentiments on what being part of this journey meant to them.

  1. The Kabu’s

The couple owns Bonfire Adventures and it almost seems like a no-brainer that they would be part of this trip. Being the shrewd business people that they are they even have a package prepared and ready for anyone looking to go to New York.

Can somebody say, couple goalsss!

2. Susan Wong

Capital FM’s award-winning travel and lifestyle journalist also revealed yesterday that she was on her way to New York on KQ002 …


3. Vinie O

Vinie O who coincidentally goes by the nickname “Captain” was another media personality headed to the Big Apple last night…

4. Amina Kenya

Radio and TV personality Amina Rabar was not going to be on this list now was she?

5/6. Maqbul and Jeff Koinange

7. Chef Kiran Jethwa

The celebrity chef and restaurant owner recently collaborated with KQ to design their new in flight menu.



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