Under Our Skin Film Festival 2022 Premieres In Nairobi

The 2nd edition of the Under Our Skin Film Festival premiered at Unseen, Nairobi. This annual festival focuses on entertaining, informing, and inspiring audiences on human rights matters through film. The organizers use film as a tool to ignite social change for the better of humanity.

Under Our Skin Film Festival 2022 is guided by 3 Human Rights themes – Expression As A Right, Injustice By Design, and Social Contract Redefined. Films are the main agenda of this festival hence attendees will be treated to a variety of short and feature films shot in different countries.

The premiere kicked off strong with 2 screenings – The Fruits of Forgiveness (Rwanda) and Congo Calling (Germany). The Fruits of Forgiveness revolves around the story of Claudette, a Rwanda Genocide Survivor. On the other hand, Congo Calling highlights the pertinent issue of donor projects in a crisis-stricken Eastern Congo. Apart from the 2 film screenings, attendees also got to participate in a riveting panel discussion on human rights matters graced by Hon Isaac Mwaura and Tr. James Kimila.

Under Our Skin Film Festival

Under Our Skin Film Festival continues all the way to Saturday 19th November 2022. Some of the films in the screening schedule include Bangarang (Kenya), Atonement (Uganda), Between The Devil And The Deep (Netherlands), and #Female Pleasure (Germany & Switzerland) among others.

The screenings will take place at different venues on different dates as indicated in the festival’s schedule. Additionally, a subsequent 4-day edition will be held in Lamu from the 24th – the 27th of November 2022. Entry for both the Nairobi and Lamu screenings is absolutely free. Register here to mark a date.

Images courtesy of Under Our Skin Film Festival

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