Unbelievable Story Of Luck For Newest Kenyan Jackpot Millionaire

It’s hard to believe and also the reason why sports betting will not be going out of style any time soon!

A 28-year old – Samuel Abisai from Kakamega has been named the latest winner of the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot. He bagged a ridiculously insane 221.3 million shillings turning him into Kenyas latest multimillionaire. And all he spent to get there was 200 shillings.

Yes. The odds are unbelievable and you will probably never manage to accomplish the same feat – but it’s done. And now he has the rest of his life to figure out how he wants to spend the money. Let’s just hope he thinks wisely. Tales of lottery winners losing all their cash within the first year are true.

First the money, then the extended family, then the hangers on.

We hope Abisai has a good head on his shoulders though. He won the cash after correctly predicting the outcomes of 17 listed games to become the first Kenyan ever to win the Jackpot that was started in September 2016.

He was unveiled by SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri alongside Bonus winner, Ahmed Ali who went home with 41 million shillings. We forget about him, but 41 million is absolutely life changing as well.

Abisai, who has been working as a salesman for a Chinese company, says he will stop betting – but says that other people should!

Over to you.

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