This Is The Ultimate Plan To Shut Down 2017

We are a few days away from shutting down 2017 and people are already jotting down their party resolutions for the new year. The year has had some fabulous parties, both local and international and we documented most of them. Now we are looking forward to the end of year party which promises to be the bomb in Nairobi.

Carnivore gardens is the place to be when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. The organizers of the party are putting together 3 stages to host ravers each with a different set music and theatrics. There should be laser light shows, fireworks display and a whole lot of sideshows to keep you grooving.

There are 10 DJs on the line up to keep the music grooving from 6 pm until dawn. Led by US-based Kenyans stars like Top Donn and Big Bear, the summer bunnies will feel at home. DJ Sparks from the UK will also cater for his European travelers. From the 254, G-Money, DJ Hassan, Andie, Mad Max, ZJ Heno, Ace Cross and DJ Pierra each will have time to rock the stage.

Gospel sensation and star Willy Paul will give a special performance just after midnight to have that New year concert fever out of the way. Gate charges for the event is Ksh1500 and the tickets are available online via


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