#UhuruChallenge Latest Challenge To Rock Social Media

It is never a boring day on our social media space in the 254. Kenyans on Twitter are always scheming on the next hashtag, trending topic, joke of the day and if you do log on to twitter for escapism purposes, you will be met by entertainment galore.

This weekend the Tweeps turned to the President of The Republic to form the ingenious #Uhuruchallenge. You might ask where this stems from but I got the answers. Over the past months, the president has been trotting up and down the country commissioning development projects. His digital team has been extra active to make sure what is done on the ground lives online.

Just this week he was in the coastal city- Mombasa to commission yet another multi-million shilling project. KOT were quick to pick on pictures where president opened a foot bridge and ran with it. It seemed like the president has turned to commissioning everything in the country and he was basically taking a piss rather than addressing the real issue.

Here is a compilation of the rib cracking tweets that were posted under the #UhuruChallenge where common citizens assumed the powers that be. The hashtag was the leading trending topic for hours and the humor was unsettling.

So washing dishes would need a state function after meals but the budget is not specified. This has to be the winner and the retweets were crazy.

Since the president was launching roads left, right and center, he forgot an important aspect.


Who knew there was a way to get extra from lotion bottle?

Even the ribbon to lunch the launch itself got a standing ovation launch

Follow the hashtag on twitter to get the whole action and expect KenyanVibe crew to launch the gateway to entertainment news.

I shoot to the moon because if i miss i land on stars. My Life is Now!! So come join me and we find out the next escapade.