UH OH! Trouble Brewing In The Rap World?

A couple of weeks ago, Octopizzo went on his social media platforms and claimed that Hip Hop in Kenya is dead, going in on rap acts that don’t shoot quality videos. I had my piece to say about this whole thing and you can click here if you missed it.

Well, Ace Tha Don wasn’t going to let that go being a rapper himself and a gifted one at that so he decided to say something back.

Known for not holding his tongue when matters concerning Hip Hop arise, I’m not surprised that he did.

In this latest track (and video), Light Work, Ace starts off by saying that he’s the best and calling out anyone who is better than him to come out and challenge his rap skills.

“There’s no denying Ace is the sickest ever rapping… so call out whoever you think is better at this…”

He goes on to rap about “tantrums” and less content in music “…everyone throwing tantrums and schizophrenic actin’, it’s nonsense. Gettin’ less and less content and everyone trying to get in the mix but never matchin’…”

Raps up (see what I did there?) verse one with “F being the best b* I’m already the future…” before getting into the hook with “That’s how I feel big homie I’m the don and you just playin’g the field big homie. You say you got skill big homie then spit nursery rhymes what’s the deal big homie?”

Oh he goes in on us fans too, “…rappers holding up careers with no skill and I blame y’all for tolerating cats you don’t feel…”

Light Work is Ace’s way of thumping his chest and proving that he has mad rap skills while at the same time making a statement to this rapper who had him catching a feeling or two as is evident in the lyrics. From conversation with him, Ace (and a couple other rappers) told me that he’d caught a feeling and he was going to act on it.

It’s a dope record, the production is definitely off the hook but I’ve got a question, he definitely knows who he is addressing so why not drop names? I do understand that aspect of it’s a creative industry and the words you use should make us (and the person on the receiving end) have an idea of who is being talked to. That, I get.


Late last year when there was a lot happening in Kenyan Hip Hop with the Who Is King conversation, Ace Tha Don dropped KINGS and no, he doesn’t mention Khaligraph, Rabbit, Octopizzo or Juliani (I like to call them the original four) but the video description says that it was a direct hit at none other than Khaligraph.

Ace Tha Don can definitely rap. No doubts there. He has the “rap ego” (Is this a thing? Should be a thing. The egos rappers have are on another level).

He was part of The JumpOff Freshmen class in 2014, which was the second class. This project headed by Corine of Homeboyz Radio was started in 2013, where just like the XXL Magazine’s Freshmen, Homeboyz Radio tries to support up and coming rappers with the most potential to blow through interviews and content updates on this rappers on their website.

Have a look at the Ace Tha Don who isn’t angry below, lol.


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