U23 Sterling Golden Cup Ladies’ Basketball Tournament

The recently concluded Sterling Golden Cup Basketball Tournament, held at Nyayo Stadium, Nairobi, proved to be a remarkable display of the advancement and recognition of women’s basketball in Kenya.

The tournament, exclusively featuring under 23-year-old players, provided a platform for young ladies to display their skills and passion for the game of basketball.

If anything, the event served as a testament to the rapid progress and respect for Kenyan ladies’ basketball.

The women’s basketball scene in Kenya has witnessed significant growth over the past decade. Shouts-out to the relentless efforts of players, coaches, and private institutions.

Clearly, The Sterling Golden Cup Basketball Tournament symbolizes the dedication of various stakeholders in nurturing young talent and pushing the boundaries of the game.

Talent is Evident

The tournament featured a high level of skill and talent among the teams in participation. The players exhibited exceptional basketball fundamentals, including precise shooting of the ball, dribbling & handling.

It was evident that these young athletes had taken their 10,000 hours and mastered their craft. The recognition of Kenyan women’s basketball was evident through the enthusiastic support from fans, who packed the Nyayo in-door basketball arena and cheered their respective teams, all the way.

The success of the Sterling Golden Cup Basketball Tournament will no doubt inspire a new generation of female basketball players in Kenya. By creating an ecosystem that nurtures talent, Kenyan women’s basketball can achieve greater heights and cement its place among the world’s greatest.

It’s proven, Kenyan chics can hoop!

By J.K.Raminya

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