Two Popular Boys From The City Decide To Give Farming A Go. This Reality Show Is Coming!

Reality TV is slowly becoming a thing in the 254. From Tusker Project Fame, Twende Kazi, The Presenter on KTN, Slim Possible,Ultimate Challenge (which is just Slim Possible on a different station), Nairobi Diaries with all it’s “glory” and now there’s another one coming soon and it features Nick Mutuma and Martin Kimathi (co-host of Teen Republik)

I just happened to watch the trailer and it got me thinking. Hmmmm… This is going to be interesting. Before I say anything more, check it out first…

Two pretty boys from the city decide that their lives are way too boring and they have put their hands wherever they possibly can as far as money making methods are concerned and now they want to try farming. Possibly because they have heard that there’s plenty of money in that field. I mean, Huddah says she’s a farmer and you see her on trips abroad spending money on drinks our cheques couldn’t possibly accommodate.

I’ll watch this for two reasons, eye candy. Maybe as they farm it’ll get too hot and there’ll be shirts coming off and you know, water from bottles jerrycans being splashed all over bare chests. No, don’t excuse my thirst.

The second reason, how the hell will two city boys survive in shagz? I’d like to see that! My money is on there’s no way they’re going to survive. They look like they grew up pretty cushioned and have no idea what struggle is.Martin Kimathi needed Nick Mutuma to help him hold a chicken down so he could slaughter it. Nick couldn’t even watch and was screaming yet he didn’t fight for the life of the chicken. What cruelty! Still, two people slaughtered one chicken. TWO! I see that being handled by only one person. I can’t do it myself but hey, these are grown men!

They’ll probably try to survive because they’re tryna prove people like me wrong and because there’s a required number of episodes to complete a season. I almost don’t see a second season… not after one of the two has to pop a blister or the hand cream isn’t keeping their hands moisturized or a rat has chewed through their fave shirt or bag…

Bare chests, the farming, struggle, cussing and tears (I hope Nick Mutuma cries. He looks like a crier, low key lol). I’m really here for all that.

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