Twitter Suspends Mulamwah’s Account For Being ‘Boring, Annoying’

Comedian Mulamwah is currently in a tight fix after his Twitter social media account was suspended on Monday, 23.

Fans ganged up on the comedian and reported his handle for being “boring and annoying” something that has left him wallowing with frustration because he can’t post clients’ jobs.

Mulamwah has over 270K followers on Twitter and is the brand ambassador of local vodka brand Kenyan Cane.

On Instagram, the comedian complained saying Kenyans have always wanted to see him fall.

“So people have been ganging up and reporting my Twitter account,” said the comedian.

“I can’t access it. I can’t post clients’ work. I just don’t know why my failure is linked to your success.”

It’s not the first time the comedian has clashed with his fan base and blamed them of pushing him to failure.

In April, a frustrated Mulamwah posted a video burning his comedy costume and announced that he has quit because of his fans.

The comedian claimed that they were pushing him into depression with their daily trolls on his brand. Industry players intervened and urged him to retire at only 26 years old. He later got several deals but Kenyans didn’t stop there.

Many were quick to warn him that he has been given a second chance and shouldn’t blow it or else they’ll ensure he retires for good.


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