Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Visits Kenya

Twitter founder and former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jack Dorsey flew into the country on Thursday, December 8th.

During his time in Kenya, he has already visited different parts of Nairobi; including Crazy Grill in Parklands and the iHub in Kilimani.

While at the iHub Dorsey met with fellow tech enthusiasts to share insights on how he was able to become so successful in the tech industry.

Dorsey who recently sold the social media company Twitter for $44 billion (Ksh 5.4 trillion) has also built successful tech products like CashApp and Square.

The tech mogul was very impressed with the tech community in Kenya noting that they along with Africa have a lot to offer the world.

Earlier this year, Jack Dorsey’s company Block Inc. invested $2 million (Ksh245 million) into a Kenyan startup company called Gridless which is primarily focused on sustainable bitcoin mining.

His visit comes just days before Jamhuri Day celebrations are set to take place on Monday, December 12.  This is after President William Ruto had shared plans to invite global tech leaders to take part in the country.

“Instead of inviting the usual people who we invite, I have decided to invite our technology leaders worldwide from Facebook and Google, so that we can share with them the opportunities that exist in a world that is increasingly becoming digital,” Ruto stated.