TV Reporter Victor Kinuthia Lands New Role After Heavy Bashing Online

It’s been a positive turn of events for Citizen journalist Victor Kunuthia who on Monday evening came under fire from a section of Kenyans online who questioned his command of English.

Kinuthia, a reporter for Inooro TV, a Kikuyu vernacular station owned by Royal Media Services was bashed and ridiculed due to his inability to express himself fluently in English during the live coverage of the arrest of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro in Murang’a.

Well, after savage bashing online, the reporter who confessed he almost gave up when he found out he was trending for all the wrong reasons has now landed himself a new role. Kinuthia will also be reporting live on the ‘Sema Na Citizen’, which airs every morning from 10am.

“Boy child rising! Tupatane Sema na Citizen,” Kinuthia wrote on Facebook.

Barely a day after the fiasco, BBC World Service radio in London called him up for an interview.

“My story of encouragement will be hitting airwaves across the world in 2 hours time. Stay tuned n be blessed for the continued support,” Kinuthia said on Tuesday.

And on Wednesday, he sounded elated to have shared his experience with the world.

“It was a really good interview. I talked about my experience going live on Monday and how my bosses and senior journalists in the industry rallied behind me telling people how the first time is never easy for anyone,” he told Citizen Digital.

Top Kenyan journalists rallied behind Kinuthia, applauding his bravery and urged him not to let trolls keep him down.

“We have all been laughed and mocked for being an embarrassment on air. I was even advised not to use the name Walubengo once. But you get better. And skill is a muscle, you shape it, tone it and work at it. All the best” wrote Laura Walubengo.