Turn Up Travel Really Got Nairobi Turnt!

The Nairobi IG Tour organized by Turn Up Travel was one for the books. The team that sells a good time at amicably favorable prices took Nairobians to the roads to experience the idealism of our city, Nairobae!

The tour kicked off at 5:30 am heading to its first site, the Global Trade Center (GTC) the new tallest building in East Africa to catch the sunrise at the very top floor. It’s one thing to love the sunrise but testing fright of heights is another – call it the sublime height test! Goes without saying that catching the sun on a beautiful Saturday morning is one for the TDL (To-Do List). Turn up Travel made it happen for many. A moment worth re-living, the saffron orange of the rising sun, the dashing rays, the feels of fresh air in Nairobi, you wouldn’t sub that feeling for anything.

Our second stop was the Dim Sum at Yuanzhiyuan Chinese restaurant for a live demo cooking practice in Kileleshwa. The Chinese theme and appreciation of culture kicked off. The vast difference in how we prepare our ideal meals to how they prepare their delicacies, need appreciation. The mixing of the peppers, spices, the veggies; sounds easy to put together but the art of putting a Chinese dish served right on a table requires a special skill, concept and patience.

When was the last time you set foot in Nairobi National Museum? Yes, you. The archive of knowing your country’s culture in and out, getting immersed in tales of our rich culture. Did you even know that there’s a prettier bird called the Secretary Bird? Or perhaps rolled that snake on your neck, yeah! Turn Up took us to history class and I’m here to attest that it was splendid!

We then rolled out to Pan Asian Yao in Gigiri for a Chinese lunch. Now the hospitality in the place is beyond borders, quite literally. The set up that is endowed with a Chinese temple within the restaurant really gives you a mini tour to the feels of Shaolin temple and the likes. The foods that cut across deep sauced chicken, to the Asian noodles and plain rice was finger-licking good. Learning the Chinese characters (calligraphy), the pipe music and the topping it all up with the Kong Fu Tai Chi fight, now you need to understand I the master became a padawan, what I’m trying to say is we Nairobians got our asses kicked, but don’t mess we have now added tough words in our diction.

Time moves pretty fast when great company and joys are involved and without knowing it we were back to GTC for a showcase of the Sundowner property with a theme of African dressing cum interactive cocktails. Now ladies and gentleman if you are one for class, elegance and define yourself of ineffable taste, we found the idyllic apartment setting for you. I’ll have you know the houses are decored in a manner that is not only inviting but could encourage you to move out of your now apartment and live in debt happily, the loan pressure will be worth it! Easily one of the best apartments in Nairobi.

It was six p.m and we were chasing wind and soberness to catch the most epic event all year – Konshens in Nairobi. Imagine coming from China to Jamaica while being in Nairobi. Only Turn Up Travel crew could pull such off. The smashing event had its amazing merry moments from Nviiri reminding us not to overdose, to Sailors yelling our anthem Wamla whaaat, to Ochungulo family advising us to go back to our mothers and of course Konshens shutting the house down by reminding the gentlemen to thank God for thee Gal dem!!!

It is safe to say my weekend was litter than yours beyond doubt and definitely props to the kings in the game right now, Turn Up Travel. Guess they really did get us turnt!!!!
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