Explores Turkana’s Rich Musical Heritage

Turkana Sessions is a unique music ensemble that highlights the astounding culture and landscape of Turkana. Produced by Content House Kenya, Turkana Sessions brings 4 talented Turkana artists and celebrated musician Eddie Grey together. The Turkana artists are Jackson Nakuwa aka Msanii Tosha, Mourine Apuu, Jackson Ekori, and Elizabeth Korikel.

Turkana Sessions

This Content House production has 10 Turkana songs that are performed and recorded live. Unlike common traditional songs, the songs fuse with Eddie Grey’s soulful guitar rhythms providing a rich and captivating sound. The songs include Ikabore Ekwang’, Aluwai Etori Ayong’, Awiwi, Aturkana, Atintina, Regina, Kirimrim Naro, Atiiya, Maata Paiya, and One Train.

Turkana Sessions

On top of their unique musicality, the songs address various themes such as courting, peace, livestock, beauty, resources, diversity, etc. The artists use storytelling to tackle the various themes. For instance, Ikabore Ekwang is a courting song about old courtship traditions and also sends a message to a love rival.

In addition to the high-quality audios, the visuals showcase Turkana County’s scenery such as Lake Turkana shores, Eliye Pyramid Hills, and Kerio grass flats. Indeed, this project is a true representation of endless possibilities in the presentation of traditional art forms through high-quality production. So far, the first 2 singles are out and you can listen to them here.

Content House Kenya & Turkana Sessions

While Northern Kenya is historically known for conflict and poverty, it is also endowed with great beauty and cultural heritage. Content House Kenya through the Turkana Sessions aims to change the narrative on Northern Kenya. This is by showcasing to the world, Northern Kenya’s art forms and inspiring Kenyans to look to their roots for inspiration.

Turkana Sessions

Speaking on Turkana Sessions Content House Project Director Jackie Lebo said. “At Content House, bringing the voices of marginalized people to the forefront is one of our key missions and this project does that in beautiful and unexpected ways. We started out in the region working in photography and film, but always during breaks the artists broke into song and we knew we had to find a way of incorporating it into the larger project,”

Turkana Sessions is the third project from The Artists Xchange. This is a companion project of the feature documentary Turkana: Races for Resources which will be released in 2023.

Photo Credits: Migwa Nthigah

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