Tunji Talks Mat Za Ronga and the Remix with Khaligraph + BTS Pictures From the Video Shoot

Mat Za Ronga is one of the biggest trap songs in Nairobi, believe it or not. Every time Tunji gets on stage to perform the track; the euphoria is more than real. That’s what the 23 year old managed to do with his debut track. In fact, so huge is the record that the OG himself hit up Tunji so that they could record the remix.

The original Mat Za Ronga video, directed by Richie G and Ivan of Callivan Creatives was shot at the gas station right by Café Machiato in Rongai. Four months and 85,000 views later, an even bigger remix with one of the biggest Hip Hop acts in the country is on the way.

So how did “Mat Za Ronga” come about? Tunji for one is a huge fan of the Rongai matatu culture. He was hanging out with his friends when they started freestyling about the matatus.  “That led to me writing a full song about them. We were amazed by how dope they looked,” quips Tunji. He had no idea that Mat Za Ronga would become such a wave and is surprised at how huge it is, even getting a reaction from UK based vloggers, Ubunifu Space.


After landing his first show ever at the second season of UnKut the Cypher in March this year, radio and TV stations have taken notice of who Tunji is and he has gained massive popularity with the fans. The attention of the media has propelled his career “and given me the opportunity to work with respected artists in the game such as Khaligraph and MDQ (on Kenyan Message Remix). I can only be grateful for that; it’s a blessing,” he said. Perhaps it was this growing popularity amongst the new generation of artists and fans that led to Khaligraph posting a video of him blasting Mat Za Ronga in his car? Could be but Jones also really loved the beat and wanted to be involved in the remix.  Kagwe Mungai and Fena also wanted to be featured on the remix but Khaligraph was the best fit for it because, “He does trap and at the moment, that’s what I’m focused on at the moment,” Tunji stated, “ I figured that working with him would expose me to his fans and make the song even bigger than it already is.”

MatZaRongaRemix (4)

MatZaRongaRemix (3)

The Mat Za Ronga Remix video was shot at KICC on Sunday night/ early Monday morning. On the location, Tunji explains, “We chose KICC because of the culture that surrounds it as one of Kenya’s landmarks.” The video was directed by Ivan Odie of Callivan Creatives (who also shot Wyre’s Number video). Tunji describes him as “very professional” because “he had a vision and worked towards achieving it”.

MatZaRongaRemix (6)

Being about matatus, the concept of the shoot was to highlight the diverse matatu culture unique only to Kenya. Tunji also had the support of new school celebrities such as 125, Shukid, Barack Jacuzzi, ShappaMan, Benady and Chale Slim who all had cameos in the video as well.

MatZaRongaRemix (8)

Unknown to most, Tunji who is in his final year of Computer Science studies at Multimedia University (MMU), was also a DJ and is honing his skills as a producer.

For someone who has shot into the spotlight with his first song and through it has managed to perform at concerts, met and worked with Khaligraph and MDQ on one of the biggest Kenyan remixes, how much higher does he plan to go? “All the way to the clouds, past them and straight on,” he said, “There are no limits. The only limit is your mind.”

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