Tribal Chic 2019: Designers Line Up

Tribal Chic 2019 is set to go down this December 7th; which is an eventful day in Nairobi but true fashion lovers would not dare miss this fashion event of the year. It’s a perfect opportunity to see what some of the top Kenyan designers have been up to as they showcase their collection to eager fashion enthusiasts at the prestigious Tribe Hotel. This will be the 10th anniversary and Tribal Chic is one thing Kenyans can definitely celebrate at the end of the decade.

Fashion designers showcasing at the show are known to be the best of the best. Design brands like Deepa Dosaja have made waves in 2019, for instance, showcasing at NYFW (Deepa Dosaja NYFW).

Fiona Kay is yet another designer who has kept us on our toes this year as well as in the past. How dreamy is her latest collection!! The Void by Fiona Kay

Hamaji or hamaji_thenomad, as they go by on Instagram are an African Bohême Designer collection slow made in rural Kenya and design Apparel with a conscious wanderer in mind.

Katush by Katungulu Mwendwa designs timeless, transcendent casual and semi-formal wear that extends beyond any season. Experimenting with modern techniques, innovative fabrics and traditional methods. She continues to impress us and we look forward to seeing her work again this year.

Lilabare x Enanai x Ikwetta; sustainable clothing and jewelry brand by Ria Ana Sejpal, has teamed up with accessory designers Enanai and Ikwetta. 

Moksh is another Kenyan based brand that has beautiful pieces and a beautiful story. 

The Kenyan lineup would not be complete without jewelry designer Niku Singh.

From across the continent, various designers from Rwanda, Ethiopia and Nigeria will be present as well.: Meron Addis Ababa, Suhaa Schmitz, Iamisigo and Mafi Mafi By Mahlet Afework.

NY 77 Design New York will be showing their unique Spring-Summer collection 2020 designed with special attention to detail from snaps, unique rubberized closures and zippers, to some special tape which was inspired by the “queue tape” in the airport, to stitches. The collection includes geometric pattern dresses and tunics, jackets from light-weight Japanese fabric, flowing blouses. Every design is made to feel like an artwork.

Get your tickets at the Tribe Hotel or HERE!

Keep up with more updates on the event on Tribe Hotel’s Inta.


LL is a writer based in Nairobi who previously loved attending and writing about the pop culture scene, Nairobae events, and cool Kenyans doing cool things. Especially Kenyan women. Currently, she's relearning and exploring beauty and fashion stories in the country.