Travel in Style: Dubai Tourism Roadshow Kickoffs At Movenpick

The Kenya Association of Travel Agents, Agnes Mucuha kicked off the Dubai Tourism roadshow on Thursday 22 at Movenpick Hotel in Nairobi in an effort to encourage more Kenyans to visit the city.

The roadshow will share insights on how Kenyans can travel to the city, price ranges, the hospitality industry and even how they can access some of the jobs in their respective industries.

“Some of the offers that the partners will indulge in our deals and packages for accommodation for local stays in Dubai,” said Mucuha during the expo.

“If you are a trader and are looking for into growing and expanding your business, you will have the opportunity to learn about some of the key source cities or towns that you can visit in UAE for you to source for your goods, for you to source for your products that you can come in and resell in Kenya. And so as you collaborate with agents to access some of these deals. You will be incentivized with the right packages at the right price. Also, be connected to the right partners locally in UAE.”

The CEO further said that aside from travelling, Kenyans can also access world-class education in Dubai.

“Dubai has revolutionized its education division. They have many global institutions which are domiciled in UAE. So the opportunity again for a Kenyan who is collaborating through a travel agent, they will be able to access information about the Universities institutions of higher learning,” she said.

“They will also access information from the technical schools that are currently based in UAE and as you have ever seen our Government in Kenyan has been advancing on the TIVET program and so here are very many opportunities for people to come and transfer skills and knowledge from the best institutions.”

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