Trap Lovers, Check Out “Day One” Video by Shukid

Shukid has been quiet for a while. The last track we remember him for is “Day One” which he released early this year. Since then, we haven’t really heard from him but judging by his past works, I hope that something heavy is in the pipeline.

He however decided to break the silence by dropping the Day One video yesterday and I hope that from here moving forward, he’s going to be constant with releasing tracks and hopefully eventually a body of work.

Day One is basically a track where he proves allegiance to the people that have supported him from the beginning.  Remember “No New Friends”? Kind of in those lines.

The audio was produced by Trapkid and he did quite an impressive job on it. Video was directed by Yujoe Mych with whom Shukid seems to have a close relationship with because he has before directed and edited a couple of Shukid’s videos; “For Real” and “As I See It”.

I particularly like this video because of the energy and video in it as well as the creative aspect that Mych so boldly displays and judging by the comments online, so do most people who have watched.

If you’re looking for a (track) video to dab to and get wild to, Day One is what you should be looking at and maybe you’ll share my sentiments as well.


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