Trailer: King Kaka Steps Into The Film Space With Latest Project ‘Kamtupe’

Rapper King Kaka has officially joined the local film industry with his debut project “Kamtupe”.

Through his newest venture, Kaka Empire Films, King Kaka has enlisted several top names in the industry such as Jimmy Gathu, Jadi, Femi One amongst others for the project.

The movie, a collaboration between Kaka Empire and Ambition Media House, tells the story of a government official trying to locate his relative who lives in a bad neighbourhood and lost his laptop to thugs.

The laptop, which belongs to the official, has crucial government info that in case leaked, can spark a civil war in the country.

Kamtupe was written and directed by King Kaka and includes music from him Otile Brown, Femi One, Kanambo Dede, Mbithi and Jadi. News anchor Jeff Koinange voices the film.

The film will premier this Friday at Anga Cinema.

Watch the trailer below:

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