Track Your Expenses Like A Pro Using These Simple Tips

Expense tracking is one of the pillars of good financial health. It basically involves keeping a daily record of one’s income and expenditure. There are several ways of tracking expenses some of which include, daily financial planners/journals, spreadsheets, expense tracking apps, etc.

While starting the expense tracking journey can be daunting, below are simple tips on personal expense tracking

Choose a Suitable Expense Tracking Mode

Select the most convenient mode of tracking your expenditure. This will make it easy for you to record your daily transactions and get immediate and accurate reports on your financial status. For example, an app may be very convenient for a tech-savvy person but strenuous for someone with little interest in technology.

Categorize Your Expenses

Organize the different forms of transactions into related groups such as food, entertainment, loan repayments, etc. This will give you a clear picture of the category that is getting the highest funding. Thus, enable you to plan accordingly. For instance, if you notice that you are spending unnecessarily on entertainment, then you may need to reduce the purchase of some items within the entertainment category.

Designate A Time To Record Your Expenses

As difficult as it may seem at first, try and record all your expenses on a daily basis. This will give an accurate report on expenditures that may be hard to remember such as making a cash purchase of groceries at the local market.


Plan on how you will spend your money before you get it. Remember to allocate reasonable amounts for each category so that your budget is in tandem with your lifestyle, but still cuts on unnecessary costs. You will also be able to compare the budget and expenditure for better money management.

Combine Your Accounts

By aggregating your different streams of income, you are able to see the bigger picture thus plan and utilize your funds better. For example, you can use a tracking app that provides for several accounts in order to see how much each account has in real-time and the expenses each account has catered for.

Secure Your Expense Tracking Information

Just like other financial data, your expense tracking is confidential information. Ensure that your expenditure files are kept safe and can only be accessed by authorized persons. For instance, you can secure information on the apps and spreadsheets using passwords. You can keep your financial journal in a safe box.

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