Tour De Brunch: Brunching At Villa Rosa Kempinski

We recently had the opportunity to attend the most lavish brunch in Nairobi at the Villa Rosa Kempinski.

The brunch dubbed “Tour de Brunch “, which translates to tour around the world is a food explorers dream.

As the name suggests, you get to sample food from all the various corners of the globe. The sushi bar is a must-try for all sushi lovers. You get to watch as the chef prepares it to your preference, who knew vegetarian sushi existed?

The Indian butter chicken and mutton Currie represented Asia well. The aromatic spices bringing to life every dormant taste bud.

We headed to the European corner and whoever said their food is boring needs to be jailed. The hash browns were the right balance of crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The French also represented with their hearty juicy beef that is a perfect compliment for the hash browns.

Off to Italy and of course, we had to try the pasta. At this point, we have given up on mastering the names of what we are eating. The sauce was out of this world.

As we are about to put our flags down, someone passes with the most juicy-looking Nyama Choma I have ever seen. That was how I requested for some pineapple mint juice to create some space. The juice bar is divine, freshly made as you wait.

We take a walk to the bar which by the way is a whole room. A quick stop at the margarita bar and the mixologist is doing the most. The guy knows what he is doing, he even has a jig as he shakes your drink, you can tell he enjoys his job. It’s ready and just one sip and we are tempted to camp at the bar.

The bars range from Tanquery, margarita, vodka, and Nitrogen bars. The main bar also has select wines and creative mocktails to cater for diverse sensory preferences.

Finally, we at the Toy factory-inspired desert room. Chocolate lovers were in for a treat. The range was everything, from chocolate to mousse and fruit if the indulgence guilt has begun kicking in, you are spoilt for choice.

Have kids? You need not worry, kids are kept occupied through the interactive activities. Villa Rosa has thought through the experience for every guest.

This elaborate and lavish brunch should make for your monthly friends or family hangout. Book your slot every first Sunday of the month from 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm at the cafe Villa Rosa restaurant & Balcony bar.

Dress loosely and save up your cheat days to enjoy this lavish gastronomic tour.

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