Top Beat King Magix Enga Is Ready For The TakeOver

20 December of 2017 by

As 2017 draws to a halt, it’s obvious that the music scene in the 254 has been vibrant in terms of output as well as quality. Content might be debatable but overall it’s been a good year. From a production point of view, some names like Ceedo, iLogos, Ihaji, Taurus, Blinky Bill, Kagwe, and Kora have had a phenomenal 12 months.

One name that is riding the wave to close the year is ‘Magix Enga’. The beat king has several big tunes playing across the 254 and I sought to know more about his craft. He has bangers like ‘Nataka Iyo Doh’, ‘Kidege’, ‘Wembe’, and ‘Digi Digi’ ruling the charts for a couple of months.

K.V: Lately Magix Enga’s tagline has been on numerous big tunes. Still a mystery, tell us who is Magix Enga.

Magix Enga, (M.E): I am a multi-talented music producer and videographer who has built several brand names in the highly competitive Kenyan music industry.

K.V: When did this journey begin?

M.E: I studied professional music production at Tapev Music school and earned a unique set of skills in handling digital music software and playing instruments like the Piano and guitar. I have over 8 years experience as a music producer where I have accumulated a vast knowledge of instrumentation and audio mastering.

K.V: What is that sound or vibe you are looking to inject into the industry?

M.E: My sound is highly dynamic and urban- influenced. As a producer, I am working on building on the normal Kenyan sound to appeal internationally and be an easy to sell product. You can judge from the list of hits I have produced.

K.V: Who have you worked with so far?

M.E: I have produced for Khaligraph Jones, Timmy Tdat, Otile Brown, Shetta from Tanzania, Naiboi, Gabu Punit, Kristoff, Prezzo, Rankadah, Arrow Bwoy, King Kaka, Kayvo Kayforce, Bandanah, Noti Flow and Mc Rode.

K.V: Which producers do you look up to or really who inspires you?

M.E: I really don’t aspire to be like anyone but I want to be a new Magic Enga every day I produce a track or work with any artist. But I look up to the like of Dre and lots of other successful music producers internationally.

K.V: Who do you plan to work with in the near future and how can guys link you up?

M.E: I am open to working with anyone who is ready to put in the work. I am available on social media hit me up and we can strike some business.

Seems Magix is ready for a takeover in 2018 and we shall be here to document it.


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