Top 5 Best Image Consultants In Kenya

Image consulting in Kenyan has seen steady growth over the last decade or so. More and more Professionals and corporates are seeking out the services of image consultants to help them stand out – and stand out for the right reasons at that.

Image consulting experts specialize in helping people evaluate and enhance their appearance, behavior, and communication to ensure what they are projecting is consistent with their personal and professional goals. Some consultants take it a step further by working with clients’ unique abilities to help align their intrinsic and extrinsic values to cultivate a more authentic personal brand.

Below are Kenya’s top 5 image consultants who can set you on the path to creating an authentic, powerful, memorable, and consistent brand you.

Derek Bbanga

The man oozes properness and appropriateness at all times, whether you watch him on TV or meet him in person. Derek clearly practices what he preaches. He’s one of the pioneers of image and etiquette in Kenya. The managing director of Public Image Africa, a training company that offers programs in image management, personal branding, public speaking, presentation skills, and so on.

Olive Gachara

Although known by many for her role as an investor in Lion’s Den, a show where hopeful entrepreneurs meet investors. Olive is the founder and Editor in Chief of the Couture Africa Magazine, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine for the modern woman. She’s also an image and brand consultant with IWO Consultancy – an image consulting company she founded more than five years ago, and together with her team, she conducts individual consultations, training, and workshops.

Nthenya Macharia

Nthenya helps leaders, entrepreneurs, corporates, and all kinds of individuals to manage their professional and personal image. She’s a certified image consultant and etiquette master. She’s also a member of the Association of Professional Image Consultants in South Africa (APICSA) and a Member of the International Beauty and Image Consultants Association (IBICA). Through her company Nthenya Image & Etiquette Consulting Services, she designs and delivers compelling seminars on the subject matter.

Mwenesi Musalia

Mwenesi is a serial entrepreneur, he’s had the privilege of starting and succeeding in multiple businesses within a short space of time. He currently runs two companies: House of Major, a public relations and management consultancy firm, and Etiquette and Protocol Institute of East Africa where he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with leaders and entrepreneurs.

Robert Burale

Robert wears many hats: pastor, motivational speaker, image consultant, MC, PR and Marketing Strategist – and even acting is also part of his repertoire. The man is multi-gifted. Additionally, he is the CEO of RB (Readily Bold) Company and founder of Robert Burale School of Leadership, a training and empowering institute for leaders.

Robert Burale