Tips On How Not To Kill House Plants

House plants are essential when it comes to interior design and home décor. They help brighten and boost the mood of any home. However, if you do not know how to care for and cater to house plants, they might die. 

Here are some tips on how to not kill house plants:-

Avoid Overwatering Your Plants

The most common kill is overwatering your plants. Watering every day is probably too much! Mist them if you like to keep busy.

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Plants Need Love

Plants need love and a human touch too. Talk and sing to them if you can.

Quality Soil Mix

The right soil mix encourages growth as each house plant has a different pH soil preference.

Avoid Extreme Weather

Avoid frost, heavy rain, or extreme heat, and not all plants can handle it.

Use a Soil Thermometer

Use a soil thermometer to check the temperature. It helps to find the right time to propagate or sow seeds.

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Use Neem Oil

Spray leaves with neem oil. It helps to keep the leaves shiny. It also acts as a natural insecticide.

Move House Plants Around

To find the perfect place for your house plants to thrive, move them around the house till you find the right spot.

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Group House Plants Together

House plants love to be grouped. It creates a tropical microclimate, like a natural humidifier.

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