With The Times: Update Your Slang!

We live at a time where rappers or any other celebrity for that matter can make up a word and make it viral. New slang terms come up every other day and while you may be familiar with some of the ones listed below, you will not see “turnt” or “lit”  defined. I mean come on, it’s 2017!

Put in work – take initiative and apply responsibility throughout a duration of time to achieve a personal goal. “She’s really putting in work because she wants to score and A”.

Break bank – spending excessive amounts  of money on fun activities such as shopping, clubbing  or unnecessary luxuries. “Yo! Last night this guy was breaking bank at the club. You should have come!”

Hot minute – used to describe a long duration of time. Could be years, months, weeks or days. “I haven’t seen Tracy in a hot minute. I wonder what she’s up to”.

Slangin’- used to mean selling  stuff to make ends meet/earn an income. “The past few days I’ve been  slanging shoes. I need the cash”.

Wavy – fly, interesting, impressively dressed. “Those kicks are wavy!”

All gravy – good, fine. “Hey, sorry I can’t make it to the party tonight. “OK. All gravy”.

Stud – good looking guy. “Isn’t  Mark Masai such a stud?”

Less geddit – Used to mean “Let’s get it” as in work together to accomplish  a common goal. “I’m  about to make some major moves this year”. “Aight. Less geddit!”

Major key alert – popularized by DJ Khaled to mean “note this” or “important”.  “You shouldn’t spend all your money at the club every week and that’s a major key”.

Salty – extremely bitter/ agitated. “She’s salty because I got the job and not her.”

Take an L – loss. “Last night took an L but today I bounced back”.

The plug – someone with all the necessary connects. “Holla at Mozz. He’s the plug”.

On one – overly happy/excited for reasons nobody else knows. Also used to mean drunk. “I’m on one!”

Respek – “Respect”. Popularized by Birdman on The Breakfast Club. “I don’t respek lazy people.”

Suh/ Wassuhh – Derived from “What’s up?” which is a form of greeting. “Suh bruh?”

Bruh/bruv – informal word meaning “brother”. “Bruv, what happened to that chic you were with last night?”

Cookin’ – making plans/ preparing for something. “I’m ready for this. I’ve been cookin’ for a minute.”

FR – for real. “I don’t like it when you’re rude to me for no reason. FR FR”

Low key/DL – down low. Away from people’s attention. “Keep it low key”. “Keep it on the DL”.

Damn Gina! – Opposite of “Bye Felicia” popularized by Ice Cube’s “Friday” movie. Damn Gina was popularized  by 90s sitcom Martin and is used to show admiration for a fine shawty. “Damn Gina! Where you going tonight?”

Bad – The new good. Example, “You know she bad,” meaning she’s really beautiful, fine or classy.

Boujee – an intentional misspelling of “bougie,” which means classy and uptown. “In the ghetto but the same time boujee.”~ Mayonde.

Savage – mean, no chills, completely without feeling. “Rihanna is so beautiful but she’s a savage.”

Sus – suspect/ suspicious. “Why are you acting so sus? Calm down.”

Blowed out – when you’re too high or drunk to continue with the party. “Man, last time I was all blowed out so I had to leave early.”

Cancel/ off that  – used when talking about something/someone you’re over. “I don’t talk to Felicia any more. She’s cancelled.”
“Every time I want to meet you you’re mteja. I’m off that.”

Woke – be knowledgeable about a person or topic more than the next person. “Stay woke!”

Live for/ give me life – an activity that is so much fun, exciting or enjoyable that it makes your day/night/moment. “Khaligraph’s freestyle gave me so much life! I love for such music.”

Sam – Used to mean family but referring to close friends, homies. “You know Asum? That’s really cool! He’s fam.”

High key – straight up true, no denying it. “That concert last night was high key one of the best I’ve ever attended!”

The truth – The greatest or most possible positive form a person or thing is. “Pulse Magazine is the truth!”

Stan – stalker and fan. “I’m such an MDQ stan.”

Whipping’ – driving “Are you whippin’?

Extra – being excessive or dramatic behavior. “I don’t like it when he comes around me. He’s too extra”.

Doin the most – Often used when somebody over-uses, over-does, or over-kills anything, or goes out of their way for an insignificant reason. “You’re pissing me off because you’re doing the most”.

Finesse – persuading someone out of their belongings, or to do you a favor. “I finessed him out of his ATM password because I really needed the money.”

RT – often used on Twitter for “retweet”. Can also be used in agreement. “Do you like Raj’s”video? “Yessssss!! RT! RT! RT!”

Word – well said, said in agreement.
“The Kenyan music scene has really picked up, right?”

Word/What up? – This is often used as greeting. “What up, Steve?”

Tripping’ – When someone is overreacting or getting all bent out of shape over something small. “Why you trippin? It’s just a cockroach.”

Dip – to leave abruptly. “I have to dip. Got an early morning.”

Beat – used to mean different things. Ugly, tired, lame situation, put on make up. Also used to mean to engage in sex.
1. Bruv, that’s your new girl? No offence but she’s beat.
2. I’ve had a long day. I’m so beat.
3. This party is so beat. I’m out of here.
4.  I have to beat my face before I face time bae.

AWOL/a-wall – used to mean “absent without leave”.  Ditching your friends at a party and running away. “Yesterday Chris was a-wall”.

Rogue – used in place of someone’s name whos a friend. “What up rogue?”

What’s good? – How’ve you been? What’s up? What’s new? “Miley, what’s good?”~ Nicki Minaj.

Lame ass – something/someone that is unpleasant or boring. “You acted like a lame ass last night and you know it!”

Lover of Hip Hop, content creator and presenter at Homeboyz Radio, blogger, host of Industry Nite red carpet interviews, podcaster (RK Podcast with Kevin Grands) freelance writer for KenyanVibe.