Time: H_art The Band Drop Their 5th Album

The renowned musical trio, H_art the Band, has unveiled their long-anticipated 5th album.

Comprising the talented Mordecai Mwini, Wachira Gatama, and Kenneth Muya, this three-man powerhouse is set to release their latest musical masterpiece, “Time: Love H_art Emojis,” on October 6.

This 10-track album is a captivating journey through the intricate chronicles of love, life, and relationships. The project eloquently explores the often-overlooked aspects of existence, offering a harmonious blend of musical talent and sincere, heartfelt lyrics.

“Time” not only serves as a heartfelt tribute to the unpredictable twists and turns of life but also provides an unfiltered glimpse into the band’s decade-long evolution and mastery of their craft.

This album is a culmination of H_art the Band’s collective passion and unwavering dedication. It’s a testament to the countless hours they’ve invested in perfecting their musical artistry.

Collaborating with the award-winning animator, Ambrose of BackBench Animations, the band has created an eye-catching album cover. This creative masterpiece features a vibrant, classic circular timepiece adorned with a variety of emojis, ingeniously replacing traditional numbers. Each emoji represents different emotions and stages in a relationship.

“In today’s fast-paced world, we recognized the need to use our music to encourage people to slow down, listen, breathe, and take a moment for themselves,” explained Kenchez, one of the band members and also the CEO.

H_art the Band’s dedicated commitment to their craft is evident in the nearly year-long effort they poured into the creation of the “Time” album. Their remarkable work ethic mirrors the incredible journey they’ve embarked on over the years.

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